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                                             THE EAGLE



                                        A Poem by  Rod Walford



I took my thoughts and gave them to the eagle

She soared into a sky of pale blue;

From sunkissed wings, and talons bright as silver,

She cast them to the winds in search of you.


Then thunderclouds caressed them into raindrops,

That fell, and sparkled softly, like champagne;

So you would know when I was thinking of you,

My thoughts would fall and touch you in the rain.


A kind thought, like a smile, is given freely,

And springs from somewhere deep within the soul;

Your thoughts, to me, are more than gold and silver,

They give me hope, and strength, and make me whole.


For kindred spirits, distance has no story,

And time can do no damage to their cause;

From earth’s first dawn until its dying glory,

Their hopes and dreams entwine, as mine

and yours.

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