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“They were the sweetest couple” that's what everybody said

And no-one could remember just how long ago they'd wed

Though she was sixty eight years old and he was sixty two

They'd walk and talk together, holding hands like lovers do.


Grandchildren of their friends would come and visit them at home

It was a place of love and fun where they could freely roam

With pizza time and ice creams too, perhaps a DVD

It was a place where they could chill, enjoy and just be free.


Then came the news on that sad day the sweet old lady died

And as they laid her down to rest her grieving husband cried

No- one could take away his pain though all the children tried

But in his heart a light went out and left a void inside.


The children came and gave him hugs and shared his pain and tears

Their love for him remained unchanged despite their lack of years;

For several days they came around to bring their love and care

Then someone said "You're not to go without an adult there!"

"Look - there’s no telling what he'd do!” “For sure he's not the same!’

“You cannot trust a man alone - he’ll give us a bad name”

“It might have been alright before - his wife was always there,

But we can't trust him any more to give you proper care"


The old man wept to hear of this and knew it was for sure

Suspicion’s evil hand had cast its shadow through his door;

Its latch just three months on remained unused and stiff and rusted

As in his lounge the old man died - alone, unloved, untrusted.


And on his table there they found his medals from the war

His photos of his lovely wife and the kids who came no more

There was a note he'd written just the night before in bed ;

A tearstained final testament - and this is what it said:


“My wife, that dear old lady you'd have trusted on her own,

Yet you cast an evil shadow on my life now I'm alone.

For in the confines of your minds thus satan does entreat

Old men alone are "Dirty" - but old ladies always "Sweet".

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